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UniversalFreighter Subclass

General purpose freight vessel type. No pax or mail cargos, refits any other cargo including liquids (in barrels or containers). Tend to be fitted with divided holds, tween-decks etc, distinguishing them from mini-bulkers which are just a single unfitted box hold. IRL: "multi-purpose vessel" (modern designation), or "general cargo vessel" or "dry cargo vessel". Confusing much? Ship version is probably geared (cranes), barge version is probably not.

Ship Name Subtype Extra Info Speed Laden Intro Date Vehicle Life Capacity Buy Cost Running Cost Loading Speed Sprites Complete
Shackleton Freighter E 25 1870 100 540 54.0 86 10

Numeric IDs

Numeric ID ID Title
41 universal_freighter_ship_E string(STR_NAME_universal_freighter_ship_E, string(STR_NAME_FREIGHTER), string(STR_POWER_TYPE_DIESEL))
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